John Scott’s Threads of Life


John Scott has lived a varied life but, whether it’s behind the scenes of a regional theatre, working on a Hollywood movie with global megastars or presenting TV shows, his love of sewing and the humble needle and thread has run, like a rich seam, through everything he does



As a Costume Supervisor, fashion guru, influencer, stylist and lead expert on sewing TV, John has gained a catalogue of unrivalled expertise and here he weaves together his knowledge of sewing, quilting and fashion with stories from his extraordinary life and so much more

Just like a cosy quilt, this book wraps you in John’s wonderful world. You can read it cover to cover or simply dip in for advice on a sewing dilemma, a story from John’s eclectic life or even one of his favourite recipes

John Scott’s Threads of Life is, just like the author, a completely unique collection of practical advice, memories and mantras.

His voice sings from every page and, if you love John Scott, you will love this book