Making Friends with your Fertility


A clear and comforting guide to reproductive health

From fertility counsellor Tracey Sainsbury and Sarah Rayner comes a full and frank guide supporting you through the highs and lows or getting pregnant, IVF and assisted conception.


A must read… A robust, resilient friend for everyone considering their fertility and an essential addition to any fertility professional’s bookshelf’ Susan Seenan, Chief Executive, Fertility Network UK ‘A brilliant and well-written piece of work’ Francesca Steyn, Head of Nursing, The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health

From fertility counsellor Tracey Sainsbury and Sarah Rayner (bestselling author of Making Friends with Anxiety, One Moment, One Morning and The Two Week Wait) comes a full and frank guide to reproductive health.

From the onset of periods and puberty, through egg and sperm production and preparing to conceive naturally, to IVF and assisted conception, in Making Friends with your FertilityTracey and Sarah tackle them all with warmth and humour. Together they take you on a journey not just exploring what happens when things go well (through intercourse, orgasm and pregnancy), but also looking at situations where conception is not so straightforward, as it isn’t for 1 in 6 heterosexual couples experiencing infertility or for those who are single or in same sex relationships and keen to have a baby. It’s a book not just for those trying to conceive – it’s for all those keen to support them – friends and family, counsellors and healthcare professionals too.

There is clear, concise advice on treatment options such as timed sexual intercourse, IUI and ICSI as well as tips on self-nurturing using alternative therapies, plus guidance on alternate paths to parenthood such as adoption, fostering and surrogacy. There are case histories and tips on funding and finding a clinic. And for those who decide not to parent, there are insights into accepting the decision to remain child free. Plus, drawing on her extensive clinical experience, Tracey shares new ways of explaining the desire to parent, the importance of fantasy and the significant impact of the unconscious.

The result is a handy, practical primer that makes these complex and sometimes distressing issues less confusing and overwhelming, supporting each individual with sensitivity and honesty so they can ‘make friends’ with their own fertility, in whatever form that takes.

* Useful links throughout, plus details of helplines and recommended reads * Fully illustrated by Sarah Rayner * Ongoing online support group available

‘An important and illuminating book, not just for those struggling with fertility, but for anyone keen to better understand the emotional impact of having – or not having – children. It makes complex concepts really accessible. Simply brilliant.’ Anya Sizer, Fertility Coach, Fertility Network UK


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